2 In 1 Ground And Flight RC Flying Motorcycle

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RC Motor Cycle

  • Move on the Ground
  • Fly in the Air

Looking for toy that move on the ground and fly in the air! then we have something special for you…! Buy 2 In 1 Ground and Flight RC Flying Motorcycle from thebrands.pk at affordable prices. This remote control stunt motorcycle can drive and drift at high speed on the ground. With the push of a button, it can move on the ground, or use the automatic take-off button to take off to the sky! Accurate height lock and gyro stabilization function can easily control your flying motorcycle. Use special effects buttons to roll 360 degrees! Take impressive jumps and easily switch from ground to flying. Using 2.4GHz frequency, you can control the USB rechargeable Flight Rider from 250 feet away. Improve your performance in beginner or advanced flight mode! Compete with the “Air Pig” pilots on the ground and in the air! best gift for Age: 6+ Years.


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