Portable Bluetooth Mic With Speaker

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Key Features

Bluetooth Mic with Speaker


Holding a party or a meeting which requires sound to communicate. Then do not worry..! Get our Portable Bluetooth Mic with Speaker at the cheapest price with quality. It has a built-in speaker that can attract the audience and draw their attention. Our Mic with speaker can ensure entertainment time, and record the audio through Bluetooth Mic (recording facility) to increase the fun. Now, record your interesting moments and roll back the good times again and again.


Bluetooth Mic with recording function can help you record instrumental music, your favorite musician’s musical performance, or record your own song and send it to let your family and friends enjoy your talents. Our portable handheld Mic with audio recording function can be used for recording interviews, and can also be ideal for recording vocal applications of singing/speech games or programs. This amazing mic is best for TikTok, there is no better way to show off to friends and bring some X-factor magic to your life. “If you are talented, why not show off it.”


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